Logging Into PD Planner

  1. Navigate to the Master Login Page

    Navigate to Master Login

    Find the login link in the header of the School District's website. This link will take you to the Master Login page.

  2. Login to Master Login

    Login to Master Login

    Enter your SDP email username and password to login.

  3. Launch the SchoolNet Application

    Launch the SchoolNet Application

    After logging in through Master Login, you will arrive at the "Available Applications" page. Find the SchoolNet application and click the "Launch" button.

    Launch the SchoolNet application
  4. Click the "PD Planner" Tab

    To reach the PD Planner page, click on the "PD Planner" tab:

    Click the Activity Catalog link
  5. Browse the Available Activities

    To view available activities, click the "Activity Catalog" link:

    Click the Activity Catalog link
  6. View an Activity's Details

    Click on the links in the "Activity" column (the first column) to view an activity's description.

    Activity details
  7. Register for an Activity

    Once you've viewed an activity, and are ready to register, click on the activity's respective link in the "Section" column (the second column). You will be taken to a page that lists the date, time, location and other important details about the activity. At the bottom of the page you will find a button to register.

    Register for an activity